May 13, 2024

A project for the RSPCA

Working in a new sector is always interesting and exciting, and we are proud to have recently completed our first animal rescue centre project for the RSPCA's Stubbington Ark in Fareham. This newly completed cattery, Lavender Lane, consists of a new building with 20 cat pods and a refurbished linked education building.

Appointed directly by The Ark, we worked closely with their team and Snug Architects, designing RIBA Stages 4 - 6 following the criteria in the 'Standards and Licensing Conditions for Cats in RSPCA Animal Centres'.

Each cat pod has an internal or external exercise area and a separate sleeping area. The latter includes underfloor heating, supply and extract ventilation, and circadian lighting systems that mimic daylight. RHB also provided the Part L BRUKEL compliance report, which proves that the building achieved an EPC rating of A.

It was great to be part of this sustainable project, and we are delighted to sponsor one of the pods, which will soon be housing its first feline resident.

More about The Stubbington Ark:

Every year, hundreds of animals are abandoned, rejected, and cruelly mistreated. The RSPCA Inspectorate is usually called in to help, and the Solent Branch supports a 400-square-mile catchment area in Hampshire, with The Stubbington Ark Animal Centre being at the heart.

They house cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, all small rodents, stock animals, and numerous species of wildlife. Most animals are neutered on-site at their in-house veterinary unit, complete with an operating theatre, and they microchip all adopted cats, dogs, rabbits, and ferrets. 

The Ark's dedicated staff rehabilitates all animals and ensures that they receive the best possible care. They also have the chance to find their new forever homes or be released back into the wild.

As a separately registered branch of the RSPCA, The Ark is responsible for raising their own funds to deliver vital animal welfare services to a wide range of species.

Read more about Lavender Lane and the work that the Solent Branch of the RSPCA does.

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