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CommercialFrimley Business Park

Frimley Business Park Frimley Business Park Frimley Business Park
Building 300 is a 35,000 sq ft office building for Possfund Custodian Trustees Ltd build, under a pre-let agreement for Genesys Alcatel-Lucent.
Frimley Business Park
Possfund Custodian Trustees Limited
Phase 1: £8.5million; Phase 2 £13million

RHB Partnership LLP were commissioned to develop the concept and prepare a tender package for Possfund before being novated to Barnwood Construction as Main Contractors to complete the detailed design of the M&E Works.

Site monitoring works were also performed for Possfund. RHB Partnership LLP were also employed to undertake a BREEAM Assessment & Energy Performance Certificate.

The BREEAM Assessment achieved a ‘VERY GOOD’ rating and the EPC is within the ‘B’ Band.

Comfort cooling and heating in the office areas and reception is provided by variable refrigerant flow (VRF) heat pump heat recovery systems served by a combination of air source and ground source condensing units, nineteen ground source boreholes positioned within the car park extend below the ground up to 120 meters. The ground source heat pump system uses the ground as a heat sink, extracting heat in winter and rejecting heat in summer with the almost constant temperature of the earth producing high efficiencies.

Mechanical fresh air ventilation incorporates a thermal wheel for heat recovery.

Office lighting is provided by luminaires with linear low energy fluorescent lamps with high frequency control gear. Daylight and occupancy sensors control the luminaires to minimize energy consumption in unoccupied and naturally day lit areas.

The water consumption of the building is reduced by a rainwater harvesting system.

A basement and supporting infrastructure, including ground source heat pump boreholes, has been constructed for Building 200 under Phase 1 for completion under Phase 2. Building 200 will comprise of 40,000 sq ft of prime office space.

Frimley Business Park

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